Sunday, 27 May 2012


I like fruit.

I had cherries and cherry coke - not intentional, kind of a before and after.

And a bonus, cause look what I can do with my tongue.


I went to London with Neil and we hit the M&M store. This flag was made out of M&M's. Yummy... oh and we met the green M&M, waved at the blue one. All before acting like nutters in Hamley's with the puppets and seeing Ghost.


I got rid of over 75 books. I need to post some to Lucy - and her tea.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012



Had an interview with the title of this post in the role description. So on my way back over Tower Bridge I took this. Really nice little playground between the Tower and Tower Hill Tube Station.

For the record, Tower Bridge is freaking huge if you've never walked across it.


I went with the random word generator in Boots, waiting for my mum to get her eyes tested. 

The word was waiting.

So there I waited.


From Paddington Station.